Eagle Guitar
The body of this beautiful instrument was carved by Nita Smart. Brian turned it into a very playable guitar.
Bender Vox Guitar
It's a Vox AC30 guitar (not an amp at all in case you're confused).

The Rocket
Brian's main instrument, incorperating a guitar, a mandolin, a 1-string bass and a detachable violin (all electric).
Bender Multicaster
5 instruments in 1. Electric, classical and bass guitars, along with a mandolin and a violin.

Less Paul
A slimmer version of a famous Gibson model.

Saxophone Guitar
It looks like a sax, but it sounds like a guitar! Played here by "Stone Roses" guitarist, Aziz.
Machine Gun Guitar
You'll have no trouble getting paid for your gig turning up with one of these!
King Size Guitar
Yet another guitar that makes you think "Why didn't someone else think of that before?".
Tractor Guitar
Made from a tyre, this 12-string was built for Chris Hewitt, manager of psych electro acoustic rock band, "Tractor".
Split Multineck
This twin neck guitar/bass was deemed too heavy by its owner. Brian split it in two and devised a means of re-joining them.
"Mr Plod" Guitar
In a world of political correctness gone mad, here is the "PC Guitar" (AKA Mr Plod)
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